AYURVEDA RITUALS FOR WOMEN with Komala Lyra in Shu  


Ayurveda Rituals for Women,

- a very strong and beautiful retreat -

Ayurveda integrates all dimensions of life conveying profound wisdom in a simple and down to earth way. It teaches the art of listening to the rhythms of life within and without.
Its language embraces the universal and the personal, weaving the mystery with the ordinary.
Its knowledge encompasses the vastness of life in its intrinsic nature of constant transformation.
In that, only the watcher remains… AUM

ALIVE AYURVEDA offers special seminars and retreats to integrate Ayurveda into your daily life with the intention to bring the intelligence of Ayurveda into modern life, sharing its aliveness through trainings, retreats and individual sessions.

A very strong and beautiful retreat will start July 5 till July 12: Ayurveda Rituals for women...more

Each woman has within her the power and potency to create new life.
She possesses the energy of beauty, delight and creativity.
Transformative energy moves and flows as soothing wind and calming water, bringing about
positive, life-affirming transformations.

Ayurvedic Rituals for women
nourishes and replenishes the female energy with mantras, sacred songs and healing sounds, and nurtures the body with a tender, revitalising massage.

The training will take place at:

SHUNYA RETREAT, San Juan, Ibiza, Spain

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Ayurveda Rituals for Women

with Komala Lyra

from July 5 – July 12, 2008 - passed !

Nurturing Women s Health with Ayuveda – Module 2  
This training presents tools for daily care and women’s health support, emphasizing the nurturing of the feminine spirit, through sensuous ritual practices including the use of herbs and aromatherapy, preparation of effective formulations for skin and body care, as well as  nutritional products.

The course explores the energy of the nine Tantric Goddesse, as they represent specific states of consciousness.
We will experience each one of them, through traditional rituals, Meditations, Yantras, chanting, and healing dance.
Opening to the wisdom inside, as we invoke their qualities and guidance

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